After three or four, in the huddle I said to Russ, ‘Play along with me.’ I got to the line, and I said to Randy White, ‘Our coaching staff loves you. We’re going to run it over you again.’ Then on the next play Russ told him. Randy wasn’t very happy, but after three or four times, he didn’t say a word.
Jeff Bostic on running the 50-gut 9 straight times against the Cowboys
"Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein. " — Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann with a THN t-shirt

On the day after the statue of a coach that stood for so much good but now is being portrayed as something far different, the program that Joe Paterno built was rocked to its very foundation. The NCAA, citing the Freeh Report (paid for by the very college that itself was the center of the […]

Well with training camp opening next week, and rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III having just signed his rookie contract, it seemed appropriate to start putting together a schedule wallpaper for the 2012 season. OBVIOUSLY, RGIII is the focus of just about everyone’s attention – both in and out of Washington, so I put together this […]

Not since the days of Chip Lohmiller have the Redskins been set at kicker. Since his departure after the 1994 season, Washington has seen 17 kickers take the field, including five in the 2000 season alone. You read that correctly; the Redskins have averaged one kicker a year for the last 17 seasons.

This summer, there is a legitimate kicking challenge that will take place in Ashburn. The incumbent Graham Gano has been the burgundy and gold’s primary kicker since the final four games of the 20…